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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
holy mackeralAnonymous110-01-2014
O need a fishing buddy after Jake died.
knowledge of jacobAnonymous110-01-2014
May it be thy will to give Pearl the knowledge she needs to make good decisions
Please make stupidity illegal. There seems to be lots of it.
Please may it be that this doctors appointment goes well.
The essentialsHerman H.409-28-2014
I pray for health, wealth and happiness. That's all.
Mosul Dam Anonymous409-28-2014
Allow the war at the Mosul dam to go in the favor of the USA so that those who died earleir defending and fighting for it will nto be in vain. May the Iraqui secuity forces previal in their battles.
Basic Talk ServiceAnonymous209-28-2014
I use Basic Talk and they told me I can keep my phone number. Turned out I now discovered I can't do that. Please allow me to keep my number and also to use the phone service at a discount.
Thank you for making my very bad headaches go away. I take Xtra Strength Excedrin, but it doesn't always work. Thanks for making it work better or for allowing me to discover something better.
My friend Jeremy was in a car accident and is now in critical condition. Please let him regain his prior composure.
Help the Kurds in IraqAnonymous309-28-2014
Please allow the Kurds to provide the boots on the ground so that US forces will never be needed.
May it be Thy will to allow for a cloud of calmness to settle over the walls of my house and to allow all those within to relax.
Peace In The Middle EastAnonymous109-28-2014
I pray for the destruction of the Islamic State and for the United States and our allies to be victorious in our attempts to put those cannibals out of business.
I ask only for good health for my family and those with whom I am close.
My home is in need of repair. Thank you for making the financial resources necessary be available for my use so that I can provide a safe shelter for my family and my inlaws.
Sick dogAnonymous709-27-2014
Please allow my dog to remain in good health. She is a very loyal and obedient service animal. Give her the wisdom and senses to protect my family and young children and to know evil doers from those who are benevolent with good intentions. Give her a ferocious bark, yet a friendly mannerism so that she will never injury a non menacing party. Give her the ability to attack and sense fire and things out of the ordinary yet the personality of a pussy cat when dealing with children.
AlertOlet DistributionSmith Smith309-27-2014
Hello Lord, Not sure, but I think that i saw you visited my site so i came to return the favor. I am trying to find a good outlet to sell the security product I invented. It will help many who use it and will help me make more contributions in your name. Please help me find a distributor who can assist me in getting good product placement on shelves, in commercials and in stores throughout the world including Walmart, Merv's and also Home Depot.
Prayer for PrayerJohn John609-27-2014
You generate some decent prayers here and I have found most things I post here to come tru. I looked on the net to the problem and discovered many people goes together with along along with your web site. Bless you and your programming team and their descendents and loved ones.
Prayer for Eradication of DiseaseJohn John409-27-2014
Thank you, I have just been searching for a prayer site like this for approximately this subject for ages and yours is the best I have came upon till now. But, what concerning the conclusion? Why do diseases still exist? Can you please wipe them out and allow us to live to 120 once again?
Pray For Me!anon anon409-27-2014
I'd appreciate all of you all praying for me. I am a good man and believe in prayer and can use the help.
First Day of SunshineAnonymous309-27-2014
Today was a good day. I am happy to be alive and appreciate those born with less and thank you for blessing them.
Thank you for giving me the gift of sight, but it is failing lately. DO ya think you can fine tune it up a little? Thanks!!!
Less desirable to Women 409-26-2014
Make girls notice me less so that my wife does not get jealous.

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