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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
My crops are in need of rain and i prey for a long rainey season this year
Cabbage Patch KidsAnonymous005-26-2016
Seeking a Beautiful Betty Cabbage Patch Kids. Please let me find one this week. Also, I hope it does not rain the day of Alice's outdoor wedding.
Field TripAnonymous005-26-2016
My kids are now on a school field. Please look over them.
I miss her very much. Please let her come visit me in a dream. I would like that.
I Want to flyAnonymous005-24-2016
I want to fly like an eagle. To the sea, to the sea. Time keeps on slipping into the future. Will it ever stop?
Thanks for your help with some Powerball action. I am even willing to split with someone ans pleadge that it will not lower my character or my faith.
Next week is the last day of school. Anonymous005-23-2016
Please let me do well so that my parents are happy with my grades.
Mental CapacityAnonymous005-23-2016
I was with a family today that had a mentally challenged adult child. It was very difficult for them to work with the young man who had periodic outbursts. Please grant them the strength to proceed with the courage they have shown so far mixed wiht the love they undoubtedly already posses. Please allow their son to recover from his mental incompetence and to allow him a tranquil life.
Good Over EvilAnonymous005-22-2016
I pray for the good in the world to overcome and surpass the evil. Thanks, Hashem.
Good DayAnonymous005-21-2016
I would like to have a very good day. A very good day.
Money TreeDovid HaMelech005-21-2016
Let the tree in my yard grow money so that I can be debt free.
Health and HappinessAnonymous005-21-2016
Please let me family be the happiest in your beautiful universe.
TobyJake From State Farm005-21-2016
Toby has ingested something which seems to have burned the inside of her mouth. Please be it in thy will to allow her to recover quickly and fully.
Please be it Thy WillAnonymous005-21-2016
Our mother is showing signs of age. Please rekindle her vitality and her mental acumen. Thank you, my Savior.
hi hi hi hlewo thereAnonymous104-10-2016
hi hi hi helwo!
hi hi hiAnonymous204-10-2016
hi hi hi
UntitledTOPHICO Anonymous212-12-2012
im in need of help for my chidren christmas i have been sick canhattie ford Anonymous212-06-2012
Prayer for my family to be one in the Lord and to come to know Him more and to love him.
Discounts Anonymous411-26-2012
I was hoping for bigger cyber discounts today. I pray that I come across better deals today so that I have more money to feed my family.
sick friendFred Anonymous311-24-2012
wilma is sick. please help her heal quickly
Puppy prayer Anonymous311-24-2012
My puppy is in need of prayer. She is sick and I am worried about her.
I am sad. Please make it stop.Anonymous211-24-2012
SickSusan Anonymous211-23-2012
Susan is sick. SHe is a good person. Pelease help her heal quickly and get back to work. HEr family needs her assistance.
Please help my Cowboys#1 Dallas Cowboy Fan Anonymous111-23-2012
The Dallas Cowboys aren't doing so good and they can use some help with their defense. Is there anything you can arrange?
AquaAqua Anonymous111-22-2012
I pay that the drought we are now experiencing is temporary and that rain shall fall again freely soon.
I want to go to school Anonymous011-22-2012
I want to go to school but do not have the $20K to do so. My brother had his tuition paid for by my mom and step dad, but he is supposedly smarter than me. I pray that you help me graduaute and get a job.
teeth Anonymous211-22-2012
My teeth are very bad and much dental work is needed but I am unable to afford such at this time. Please help me.
suffering from foot painscosmos motseleng Anonymous211-22-2012
pray for me to have Gods healing in my foot.
Salariesanon anon011-21-2012
Thank you, O Lord, for making sure my company always has sufficient funds to pay its workers so that each of them may sustain their families and their needs.
BarbariansJoshua anon211-21-2012
I understand that Hamas killed six of their own today and tied the body of one to a motorcycle and rode it down the street for others to see and fear. Apparently, the six were suspected of aiding Israel.

I pray to you, O God, that you destroy those who wish harm to Israel and its people. I pray that you curse those with evil thoughts and allow Israel to thrive peacefully as you had intended for the land of milk and honey.
BulletsOsama Obama anon011-21-2012
I pray that the Arabs soon run out of bullets and for Peace to prevail in the Middle East. Please give Israel the power to destroy her enemies and conquer the evil cannables that seem to be so prevalent in their surrounding neighborhood.
CoolerRip Current anon111-20-2012
I pray that the weather does not get too cold this year. I like it toasty and my fireplace is clogged up.
Need new job soonanon anon311-18-2012
I could really use a new job and a few extra bucks so that I can afford to buy my family gifts for the holidays. Last year, I needed to buy gifts from a pawn shop which I suspect were stolen and that bothers me because that supports theft, drugs and illegal activity. Thanks for not making me do it again.
Gaza StripGeorge anon311-18-2012
May a plague of biblical proportions smite Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran as well as other enemies of Israel.
IsraelAdvara anon111-18-2012
Israel only wants peace. Please let her achieve it and may the rockets and missiles blow up in the hands of Hamas and Hezbollah as they are loading their cursed rocket launchers.
11/24 PerformanceMichael anon111-17-2012
I will be performing next week in a large presentation. Please, O Lord, let it go well. My family and friends will be in the audience and I want to find favor in their eyes.
Peace in IsraelPeace anon111-17-2012
I pray for the interceptor missiles to work with 100% accuracy so that the terrorists in Gaza can be defeated and go back to their caves.
HEAVENLY WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGEDaniel Percy Omanano111-17-2012
In dying need of heavenly wisdom and knowledge to execute the task that has been entrusted to me.
Need a new job either here or there.David Jewel111-15-2012
Im trying to get back into the medical field as a nurse after nearly 2 yrs because I got hurt very badly at home and required 2 surgeries on my back (which my insurance company fought against repeatedly). I need to either find a job where we are or I need to get somebody to give me a chance out west (we were supposed to move a year ago for family reasons and couldnt due to my injuries). Also if a small windfall could come our way to help us that would be helpful to as our savings are all gone and have had to rely on help from others to keep us in our efficiency apt and fed and to help pay for medications Ive needed. I cant even begin to pay my part of the medical bills (despite having insurance I still owe a significant amount to Hospital and MDs). Thank you and God Bless.
jacobus 5.19Anonymous211-14-2012
to my mother
EntammensJorge Popaapopants411-11-2012
That entammens makes a new type of cookies
Gods mercy upon my lifechukwudi richard411-08-2012
I need Gods mercy upon my life and I want him to put an end of academic challage I am havin in my school.let him also give me dat kind of wisdom he gave to solomon and let his will be down in my life.
good leadership in church.khomotso suzan611-03-2012
I've just been elected as chairperson of women in our church for the next six years. May God grant me wisdom to do this job well.
DAT THEY SHALL BE NO LOST.Anonymous410-30-2012
Any thing i have lost,or the devil as takd from me be return back....Amen
I would like to pray for Bernadette. She is sick and needs your help. Thanks!
Test PassLori Hildebrander610-29-2012
Hi Lord,

May I please obtain assurance that I will pass the test in tomorrow's math class? I must admit I am a little worried at the moment. A slight sign of support would be appreciated.
Hurricane Sandy PrayerAnonymous410-29-2012
O Lord, please show pity towards the good people living in the Northest section of the US and may it be your will that they escape the dangers of Hurricane Sandy.